Unique Collectibles

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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A good way to look for unique collectibles is to research Christmas customs from around the world. It can be difficult to find something truly unique in department stores that sell the same item in hundreds of stores across the country. In China, Christians celebrate Christmas by decorating their trees with paper goods: lanterns, chains, and flowers. Imagine starting a new tradition by doing the same!

Glass Christmas ornaments are extremely popular in the United States right now - but did you know that they originated in Germany back in the days of the Renaissance? Many of our traditional Christmas customs are borrowed from other countries, carried over the sea in the hearts of immigrants. With a little research, you can discover what traditions your own ancestors followed and look for unique collectibles that reflect that heritage.

Unique Collectibles from Around the World

In Brazil, holiday celebrations include a nativity scene called a presepio. Introduced during the days when Brazil was a Portuguese colony, presepios are commonly found in homes, churches, and public squares. If this tradition intrigues you, Blue Sky Clayworks offers a representation of a mission-style church that is an affordable option to importing your own presepio.

Another unique tradition comes from Romania, where children used to sing carols at each house along their street. One child was designated the leader of the group and was responsible for carrying a pole, mounted on top of which was a steaua (star) carved out of wood and decorated with brightly colored papers and ribbons. This would be a fun activity for children - you can provide them with the materials to decorate their own version, cut out of cardboard and mounted on a yardstick or a dowel.

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