Written by Jill Morrison
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War is defined as a state of conflict, a contest between states carried on by arms, fighting, and any long-continued struggle. America has seen a great amount of struggle, and fighting in order to obtain certain rights and privileges. Without these struggles, our nation would not likely be as prosperous and free.

Every war marks a moment in history where we fought for something important to our country. War is devastating. It destroys, lives, families, landmarks, economic structures, finances, and degrees of power. However, it has proven to be the most conclusive measure of winning and losing control over the desired prize.

It is evident that war is fascinating to many people based on the amount of collectibles, books, movies and dedications that have been created to remember such events. Collectibles can be purchased in various stores, auctions, or from websites. The most popular collectibles are replicated dog tags, medals, and uniforms, weapons, and gear.

Famous Moments in War History

There are certain wars that are considered to be particularly important in American history. The Civil War was the only one to be fought on American soil by Americans. Other important wars include World War I and II, and the Revolutionary, Korean, and Vietnam Wars.

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