Winter Scarf

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The winter scarf has become something of an institution in most parts of the Western world. If you want to give a gift that signifies love and caring, the winter scarf is it. What kind of winter scarf you give is another thing. We think you'll agree that if you're going to give this gift of love, you should pick the very best you can find, as a symbol of your refined love.

Wool is the most common fiber for all shapes and sizes, and even colors, of winter scarf. If you want to give a special gift to a special person though, you can choose from a number of luxury fibers that signify more than just an everyday winter scarf. Alpaca is one such rare and fine fiber.

Luxury Personified

Coming from the alpaca, an animal that is a natural inhabitant of the South America's, you get wool that is fine, light as a whisper, and heavenly soft. For centuries, the discerning have lusted after the wool of the alpaca for a range of luxury clothing items.

Nothing will prepare you for the softness and comfort, in fact the sheer luxury that will envelop you when you first wear your alpaca winter scarf. We'd go so far as to say that an alpaca winter scarf is, in fact, much more than just a scarf. You can use a larger alpaca winter scarf as a wrap, and because they come in so many beautiful colors, you will even be able to find one to match your favorite evening gown.

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