Craps Games

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Craps games are available from a variety of different sources. The traditional casino is where craps games are typically found. However, there are several craps games available on the Internet. One will also find craps games located in your local store with other hand held video games.

Craps has a very long history; some estimate that the first craps games were played in the Middle East in the 1500s. From there the game migrated north into Europe before finding its way into the United States. It was in the United States that the game evolved into the phenomenon that we are familiar with today.

There Are Two Types of Modern Craps Games

One of the craps games is street craps, which is what we all see in movies being played on the street. In street craps, players bet against each other on the results of rolling die. The other version is the popular casino craps. Casino craps involves playing against the casino, not against other players. Both games involve two die, the point, and craps--a seven.

Craps has evolved from being played on street corners to being played for fun with a hand held video game or on the Internet. The new availability of craps games has several advantages for those interested in learning how to play craps. Learning how to play craps is simple, but understanding all the different bets and strategies involves trial and error. With internet craps a person can learn how to play craps from the safety and comfort of their own home without risking a dime. Learning how to play craps online is easy and fun, building confidence for playing live craps games.

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