Craps Guide

Written by Jacey Harmon
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A craps guide can be very detailed and long or short and to the point. This craps guide will be the latter of the two. Information in this concentrated craps guide will include where to play, terms of the game and basic rules of the game.

A Short and Sweet Craps Guide

Craps are available for legal play in states like Nevada, Washington, and New Jersey. Every casino will have a section devoted to craps tables as the game is fun for players and profitable for the casino. If you live in an area where games are prohibited you can still play. Craps is available online where you can play anytime.

Craps has its own unique culture and language. A "craps" is a seven and a "hard" number is a pair. The player throwing the dice is the "shooter", who is trying to roll a "point." Proposition bets are high risk bets which usually last for one roll. The back of the table where the player throws the dice is called the "backboard." Any bet that begins with a "don't" is the opposite of the other bet. For example the "don't come" bet is the opposite of the "come" bet. You "place" a number you think will roll before a seven and "lay" a number you think will not be rolled before a seven.

The purpose of craps is to establish a point and to roll it again before a seven. The first roll is called the come out roll and this is when the point is established. A shooter keeps rolling and players keep betting until the point or a seven is rolled. Once a point or seven is hit, the game ends then starts all over again with a new shooter.

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