Craps Payouts

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Craps payouts vary for each individual bet on the craps table. The reason behind different payouts for different bets is that the house advantage is different for every bet on the table. The higher the house advantage, the higher the payout to entice players. The lowest craps payouts have the lowest house advantage. There are benefits to knowing the house advantage for each bet.

Craps Payouts for Different Bets

As noted above, the bets with the best payouts are the worst bets. A craps two or craps 12 bet wins if a two or 12 are rolled on the very next roll. These bets have payouts of 30:1. The house advantage of 13.89 percent explains why those bets have such large payout ratios. The second highest payout bets are the craps three and 11. They both pay 15:1 with house advantages of 11.11 percent.

As one would expect, a bet with lower payouts will have a lower house advantage. That is generally true except in one occasion. The "big six" and "big eight" bets pay 1:1 and have a house advantage of 9.09 percent. The buy eight or buy six bet, which win if an eight or six is rolled before a seven, has a payout ratio of only 23:20, or 1.15:1. The house advantage is a slim 4.76 percent for these bets. Buy nine and buy five bets have payout ratios of 29:20 or 1.45:1 with a house advantage of 4.76 percent.

Knowing the different craps payouts and house advantages will allow you to place smarter bets when playing. By placing smarter bets, you are likely to be able to play for extended periods. That is not to say that the higher payout bets should never be played. There are some instances, when the time and mood is right, where taking on a little extra risk is rather exciting.

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