Craps Strategies

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Craps strategies involve learning how to win at craps consistently. There aren't any craps strategies available that will give a player higher odds than the house. Instead of gaining an advantage over the house, the purpose of sound craps strategies should be how to win consistently. Learning how to be disciplined, understanding the game and learning the odds are all parts of craps strategies.

The Basic Ingredients of Craps Strategies

Part of any sound craps strategies involves learning why people lose. Greed, lack of discipline, misunderstanding of the odds, and a lack of knowledge are all reasons why people lose at craps. Greed and fear are major influences when playing. Both can play a role in deciding when and how to bet, as well as when to walk away. Learning how to cut your losses and take your profits is the start of a sound strategy.

Discipline is another key part of sound craps strategies. One will need discipline to leave the table, whether you are winning or losing. Discipline is also required to stick with your game plan. A game plan is important: what type of bets are you going to play, how much will you bet, when will you quit? Those are all important questions to answer when creating a game plan. A disciplined plan is important if you want to come away successfully.

Understanding how each bet pays is what most craps strategies entail. There are often several different bets on the same thing that have different payout rates, or odds. For example, both the place bet and come bet on a six (as well as the big six) all a bet that a six will hit before a seven. Even though they all win on the same thing, all three bets have different payouts. Knowledge is power and knowing how each bet pays is a start to forming a solid strategy for playing craps.

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