Craps System

Written by Jacey Harmon
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A craps system is a method of playing craps with the goal of enjoying the game while minimizing risk. Though a craps system cannot offer an advantage over the house, it can allow for longer and more enjoyable play. Three basics for creating a craps system include creating a game plan, having discipline to stick to the game plan, and knowing the odds.

Three Ingredients to Any Sound Craps System

Any craps system should involve some sort of a game plan. A good game plan is a preventative measure against getting caught up with all the "bad bets" at the table when things go south. You wouldn't see the Green Bay Packers go into the Super Bowl without a game plan, so why would one want to go to a craps table without a game plan? When, what and how much to bet are all things to consider when creating a plan.

Any good craps system involves discipline. Without discipline you are likely to let greed and fear take over and that can be a dangerous and expensive proposition. Discipline will allow you to play only the strongest bets on the table and, in turn, to walk away from the table with minimal losses instead of disastrous losses. Discipline will also help you walk away from the table when you have a nice stack of the casino's chips in front of you. Without discipline, a good game plan is useless.

The final piece of any good craps system is to know the odds for any number to be rolled. The house has a definite advantage as the seven has the highest chance of rolling for any number. A general rule of thumb is the further away from a seven the number is, the lower the chance it has of being rolled. For example a two has a one in 36 chance while an eight has five in 36 chance of rolling. When choosing what bet to play it would make sense to place bets on numbers that have higher chances of rolling.

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