Craps Table Layout

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The craps table layout is rather complex when you first look at it. For the inexperienced player a craps table is very intimidating. The speed of the game and variety of different bets are all aspects of the game that can confuse a new player. A detailed description of the craps table layout for a new craps player can be highly beneficial.

Craps tables in casinos are often found in circled groups. The middle of the circle is called the pit; only casino employees are allowed into the pit. The sides of a craps table are raised to allow for a player to throw the dice without risk of losing a die. The side is coated with egg carton shaped foam that ensures the dice will bounce randomly. Each table has three people watching over the game. The box man is in charge of all the chips while the dealers are responsible for placing bets on each side of the table for the players.

The Table Layout for Bets

A craps table layout is divided into three sections. The left and right sides of a craps table are exactly the same. The sides of the table surface are where you will find a majority of the bets. Along the top of the table you will find the numbers four through 10 and the don't come bar. The far side and bottom of the table includes the pass line, don't pass line, and buying the odds bet. Actually, there is no indicator for the buying the odds bet because the house does not want you to know it is there. They have no advantage over the player if the buying the odds bet is properly played. The middles of the sides are where you will find the come bet, field bet and big six and eight bet.

The middle of the table is where most of the "sucker bets" are placed. These bets have very visible high payouts and are easily understood by a beginning player. The reason why these bets are visible with high payouts is because the house has a huge advantage. The center is where the "hard bets" and "horn bets" are located. The top of the middle is where the any craps and seven bet is located. Just on each side of the middle is the eleven and craps bets. These bets are indicated by a row of circles with the letters E and C.

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