Craps Tables

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Craps tables are the surface of which the game of craps is played. Craps tables are found in casinos in groups similar to circled wagons of the Old West. The middle area surrounded by craps tables is called the pit. The pit is supervised by floor men, also known as the pit boss, who watches over all the action around the craps tables, including gamblers and casino employees.

The Layout of Casino Craps Tables

Craps tables are oval in shape and are lined with an egg-carton like foam to allow for true randomization of die rolls. Positioned at all craps tables are a stickman, dealers and a box man who together control the game. The job of the stick man is to return the die to the shooter and call out the roll. The dealers are the people who place the bets on the table for the gamblers. There are two dealers at each table, one for each end. The box man is responsible for and handles the supply of chips available at craps tables.

There are two identical sides to a craps table that include all the available bets. Craps tables look rather intimidating for the beginner craps player. Once you get a handle on the basics of playing craps, a craps table loses a lot of the intimidating effect. The far sides of a craps table include the pass line, don't pass bar, come, field, and big six and eight bets. The far side of the table is also where the point is marked.

The center of a craps table is where the proposition bets are located. These proposition bets are one roll bets only. The middle of the table shows the "hard bets" that are available. These bets involve betting that a number will roll before a different combination or a seven. For example, the most popular "hard bet" is hard eights, where you bet that two fours will roll before any other combination of eight or seven. Another proposition bet is the craps and 11 bet, which you are betting that the next roll will either be a craps or 11.

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