Craps Tournaments

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Craps tournaments offer ways players can enjoy playing the game of craps against other players instead of the house. There are some things to consider when you deciding on entering craps tournaments. The rules and style of a craps tournament should definitely be considered. Since craps tournaments involve playing against other players, you will have a different betting style than if you were playing a regular game.

Things to Consider with Craps Tournaments

In deciding to play a craps tournament you will want to ask yourself certain questions. Will you play with your own money or will you utilize tournament chips? What are the entry and buy in costs involved with the tournament? How is the prize pool divided and how much can I win? How many players are involved in the tournament? These are all things you will want to ask yourself before signing up to play in a tournament.

Knowing the rules of a tournament is a key factor in deciding to play. Each tournament will have different rules and some tournaments have different rules for each round. For instance, a rule may call for minimum and maximum bets. Some tournaments call for certain bets to be played on every game, for example the pass line bet. If the tournament involves rounds, it is important to know how long each round will last and how you can advance. Clearly understanding the rules will help you determine if you want to play.

In a craps tournament you are trying to gather the most chips to win. In the case of large tournaments, there are rounds where only the top chip leaders will advance. Some rounds last a certain number of rolls while others have a time limit. To advance into the next round you will need to be in the top tier of chip leaders. In this case, you will want to keep an eye on what other players are betting on and how their chips are growing. By watching how your closest competitors bet, you can alter your bets to try and gain an advantage over the competition.

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