How To Play Craps

Written by Jacey Harmon
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How to play craps is intimidating to learn at first but once you get the basics of the game down, learning how to play craps is rather easy. Craps is a game of chance that involves two dice and a series of bets. Craps is essentially a game of rounds with each round having a beginning, middle and an end. A player places bets at the beginning of the round and can continue betting after each roll until the end of the round.

The Basics of Learning How to Play Craps

The basic idea behind the game of craps is to roll a number, or point, and then roll the same number again before rolling a seven, or craps. The beginning of a round starts with the come out roll. The purpose of the come out roll is to determine the point. A round continues until the roller hits the point again or craps out by rolling a seven. The point can be a four, five, six, eight, nine or 10. If a two, three, seven, 11 or 12 appear on the come out roll, the round is over and all bets are lost.

Once a point is established, a roller keeps rolling the die until either the point is hit or a player craps out. A round is finished once a player rolls a seven, also known as craps, at which point most bets are lost. Betting occurs before the come out roll and after each following roll until the table craps out.

The initial bet on the craps table is the pass line. The pass line is an even money bet which most players at the table play. You start by placing your bet on the pass line before the come out roll. If a seven or 11 are rolled on the come out roll, you win. If a two, three, or 12 are rolled on the come out roll, you lose. If a point is rolled on the come out roll you win if the point is rolled again before a seven. The pass line is the basic bet on the craps table; once you understand the pass line, you know how to play craps.

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