How To Win At Craps

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Winning at craps involves a little bit of luck and placing smart bets. There are a variety of people who claim they can show you how to win at craps. Many of these "systems" are for sale and make large claims as to their validity. Instead of paying for a craps system, you can learn how to win at craps yourself.

Online casinos that offer craps tables have been a great resource to learn how to win at craps. Most online craps games offer a free version where no money is involved. You can utilize these free tables to learn how to place and manage bets. By learning for yourself you can develop a betting style that is right for you without risking a dime.

Know the Odds When Learning How to Win at Craps

There are a variety of bets involved with craps. There are some instances where different bets are betting on the same thing but have different payout ratios. For example, a buy bet on an eight and the big eight bet is the same thing. They are bets that an eight will roll before a seven. Yet they have different payout ratios and house advantages. In this case, the buy bet has a lower house advantage with a higher payout ratio.

Another factor with learning how to play craps is an understanding which number has a higher probability of rolling. A seven has the highest odds of being rolled, a six in 36 chance, which is why the house has a definite advantage. However, you can place smarter bets by knowing which numbers are next in line. A six or eight has a five in 36 chance of rolling while a two or 12 has only a one in 36 chance. Hard numbers, or pairs, only have a one in 36 chance of rolling, but casinos entice players to place these bets by offering higher payouts.

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