Action Racing Collectibles

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Action racing collectibles are the most recognized brand of NASCAR model race cars. Over the years, they've perfected the art of creating great race car replicas, and now people look to Action first for die cast metal model cars. Action offers model race cars in various sizes and for many different NASCAR teams.

NASCAR fans are known as loyal supporters of their favorite drivers and racing teams. Action concentrates all of their energies on NASCAR collectibles, a focus that helps them create excellent memorabilia. Action model cars have metal frames and metal bodies with precisely detailed paint jobs.

NASCAR has developed from a regional sport in the 1970s to the most popular American racing series today. Richard Petty paved the way for Dale Earnhardt's generation, who have now given center stage to the current crop of stars. As interest in NASCAR increased, fans began to want models of their favorite drivers' cars.

Action Racing Collectibles Include All the Champions

Fans of Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, Terry Labonte, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and all the other NASCAR drivers will find Action racing collectibles that pay tribute to their heroes. Some fans collect winning cars from the same year of competition, while other fans collect one driver's cars from several different seasons. Action racing collectibles will match your passion for racing.

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