Beanstalk Die Cast Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Beanstalk die cast cars are a great group of accurate scale models of your favorite Ford cars, trucks, and SUV's. You will find the new Mustang, F-150, and the unforgettable cars from James Bond 007: Die Another Day. If you are a Ford fan, look up the Beanstalk for the newest die cast replicas available.

Movie Magic from Beanstalk Die Cast Cars.

I love movies that put an emphasis on incredible cars, and the James Bond movies certainly deliver. The most recent Bond movie, Die Another Day, had a trio of the most memorable cars I can remember in the series. Jinx looked great in her Ford Thunderbird Convertible and now you can find a great scale replica of that car from Beanstalk die cast cars.

The Ice Palace scene featured an incredible automotive duel between James Bond in ohis awesome Aston Martin Vanquish and Zao in the Jaguar XKR convertible. Both of these cars are available as Beanstalk die cast cars. Bond's Vanquish even features a working ejector seat and machine guns that raise up through the hood vents.

Ford fans like myself are rejoicing over the arrival of Beanstalk die cast cars. I'm not sure where the Beanstalk part comes from, but I know that these models will make any Ford enthusiast really happy. Whether you want a replica of the newly redesigned F-150 truck or you want Jinx's hot Thunderbird convertible from Die Another Day, choose Beanstalk die cast cars.

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