Chevy Model Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Chevy model cars are a great way to express your enthusiasm for Chevrolets of all kinds. The famous bowtie logo has adorned some of America's most popular cars over the years. The Chevrolet name stands for the classic American car values of performance, value, and great looks. Chevrolet makes cars, trucks, and SUVs ranging from the rarefied Corvette to the tough Silverado pickup.

In 1909 the successful coachbuilder William Durant asked race car driver Louis Chevrolet to help him design a car. In 1911, the "Classic Six" hit the streets of Detroit, but it wasn't until the "490" in 1915 that sales really skyrocketed, eventually topping 100,000 units in 1917. Finally, in 1927 Chevrolet outsold Ford by topping 1 million units for the first time. In all but four of the next 55 years, Chevrolet would be the top-selling American nameplate.

Chevy Model Cars from a Distinguished History

Such great success gave Chevrolet the opportunity to take risks, as they did when they created the Corvette. A large American manufacturer had never produced such a pure sports car before, and the initial Corvette was really a sheep in wolf's clothing with its wimpy straight six and bad handling manners. However, Chevrolet got it right with the second model and never looked back. Corvettes are, of course, the most popular chevy model cars by far.

Now Chevy model cars commemorate models ranging from throughout the decades. I haven't seen too many from the pre-war era, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. If you are a Corvette enthusiast, you'll have your pick of hundreds of great die cast models on the market. Pay close attention to the excellent Chevy model cars available from the classic '60s period.

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