Corvette Model Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Corvette model cars take a truly unique automotive phenomenon as their inspiration. The Corvette is known as "America's sports car" and has come to represent the best the American car industry has to offer. The Corvette has inspired a loyal group of owners and admirers for its entire 50 year existence.

The Corvette wasn't always America's Sports Car. When the first 'Vette arrived in 1952, it had poor handling and was powered by a miserable "Stovebolt" straight six. However, the engineers, designers, and executives at GM remained faithful to the Corvette and turned things around. The Corvette became a legitimate convertible-top sports car with the V-8 powered 1956-1962 model and entered a golden age with the arrival of the Sting Ray in 1963.

Since the 60's, the Corvette has reigned supreme as "America's Sports Car", with an extremely loyal group of fans, racing victories, and beautiful new designs. Corvette model cars recreate nearly every model of the Corvette's lifespan, with many more die cast scale replicas devoted to racing 'Vettes. Premium Corvette model cars offer amazing levels of detail and accuracy.

Exclusive Corvette Model Cars

Look for the awesome C-5R driven by Dale Earnhardts Sr. and Jr. in long-distance competition and Roger Penske's Corvette Grand Sport from the 1960s. Exoto's Grand Sport Corvettes are just one example of the premium Corvette model cars available today. Check out websites devoted to die cast model cars for the 'Vette you're looking for.

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