Dale Earnhardt Jr Die Cast Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Dale Earnhardt Jr die cast cars are very popular, just like the famous race driver himself. Ever since entering the NASCAR series as a rookie in 1999, Jr. has made a name for himself as a fast and aggressive driver, with a unique style all his own. He is already a fixture in the media, with appearances in many magazines, television shows, and music videos to his credit.

In 2003, Earnhardt Jr. was selected by the fans as the most popular driver on the NASCAR circuit, earning more votes than the rest of the top-10 drivers combined. He wins fans with a easy-going attitude and wins races with a tenacious competitive spirit like his father. Earnhardt Jr. became the only third-generation NASCAR champ when he won the 1998 Busch Series title. After he completed a second Busch championship in 1999, he transitioned to the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet on the NASCAR Nextel Cup circuit.

Collecting Dale Earnhardt Jr. Die Cast Cars

Millions of NASCAR fans watch as Dale Jr. battles for victories in the Nextel Cup series. If you already have the T-Shirts and want to have a collectible piece of memorabilia, go for Dale Earnhardt Jr. die cast cars. Such model race cars are the perfect way to commemorate Earnhardt's trips to victory lane.

Some Dale Earnhardt Jr. die cast cars are produced in limited editions. These scale replicas usually sell out quickly after the racing season is over. In the future, you'll probably see them around at much higher prices on Internet auction sites.

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