Die Cast Collectible Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Die cast collectible cars are the most popular metal collectibles, reflecting our love of cars and trucks. If you have a favorite car, it has probably been made into a metal model at some point. Models are often scaled-down identical copies of actual cars, so you can own the car of your dreams or a car you have always admired without having to actually go out and buy the real thing.

Die Cast Collectible Cars at the Races

Racing fans love die cast collectible cars because owning a race car is too expensive and time consuming for most folks to do alone. However, it's easy to have a whole range of models of your favorite racecars from almost any era. Whether you're looking for Le Mans champions, NASCAR heroes, Formula One machines, or monster trucks, you'll find them represented in metal models.

The die cast collectible cars available today are increasingly realistic and offer an incredible amount of detail and accuracy to the original. Some models even have engines with such accurate tiny metal parts that you can't tell the difference between photographs of the model's engine and the real thing. Look for model cars with real cloth seats, metal or wood-trimmed dashboards, and tiny replica chrome pieces in the engine.

The most detailed models may be a little more expensive than the others, but they are often crafted in limited edition runs and appreciate in value just like classic cars. So go ahead and set up a NASCAR battle at the checkered flag or a dragstrip duel. Model cars make fantasies reality.

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