Die Cast Model Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Die cast model cars are the best way to own all your dream cars for a small fraction of the price. Classic cars, race cars of every kind, commercial vehicles, trucks, and police cars are available. If you can buy the real thing, there's a good chance that you can find a die cast model version of that vehicle. Some die cast model cars are based on exotic cars and outrageous concept cars that are unavailable on the market.

Die cast model cars are made of cast metal and vary broadly in the degree of detail represented in the model. Some models focus on the exterior of the car, with basic plastic pieces representing the engine and interior. Other models go all-out with precise metal detailing inside and out that you'll want to check out with a magnifying glass.

Die cast model cars are typically available in three scales: 1 18 scale, 1 24 scale, and 1 43 scale. 1 18 scale is the largest size, with most models measuring just under a foot in length. 1 24 scale models are incrementally smaller, while 1 43 scale models are very compact. Some 1 43 scale model cars are just as detailed as 1 18 scale models, while others give a more general impression.

The Wide World of Die Cast Model Cars

Model cars are great collectibles. They are the perfect gift for race fans, classic car lovers, exotic car enthusiasts, and any professional who uses a special vehicle in his or her line of work. You can find a tremendous selection of model cars on the Internet, where ownership is just a click away.

Choose Your Own Collection

If you are a serious fan of one particular car, you might consider starting a collection of replicas of that car. You may choose to develop an impressive collection of all your favorite cars in varying colors and sizes. Models are the ideal way to revel in the beauty of your favorite racing cars and support your favorite teams and drivers.

Die cast model cars are some of the most popular collectibles for racing fans. Nothing else gives you the feel of what impressive speed machines look like in person than precision die cast replicas. I've heard of some ambitious collectors forming an entire field of NASCAR or Formula One cars. The selection available is enormous and the sky is truly the limit.

Premium Die Cast Model Cars: Expect the best

Some people just want the finest available quality of model car available. These collectors will appreciate the incredible advances made in precision model detailing attained in premium die cast model cars. Look for brands like Exoto, Auto Art, and Minichamps in your search for top-shelf die cast model cars.

Various brands offer distinct selections of die cast model cars. Some companies like Maisto and ERTL offer a spectrum of replicas practically as wide as the range of actual cars. Many brands have more specialized offerings: Highway 61 Collectibles is a range of Detroit classics, GMP has collections of Can Am race cars, 60's musclecars, Sprint cars, and more. If you love cars, you'll find more than enough die cast model cars to satisfy your enthusiasm.

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