Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Exoto models are considered by many enthusiasts to be the finest in the world. Exoto offers a select group of classic cars reproduced to scale with incredible detail and accuracy. Car enthusiasts will appreciate this select group: the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Ford GT-40 in authentic, painstakingly detailed race regalia, and Porsche 911 race cars are all represented, among many others.

Exoto Equals Exclusivity

All Exoto model cars are produced in a limited production run. Once the original allotment is sold, that model will never be offered again. Exoto model cars are true collectors' items and they usually appreciate significantly in value as they are sold and traded on auction sites.

When you're shopping for die cast model cars, look for detail images of the cars' features. Once you see the incredible detail offered in every Exoto model, you'll recognize the incredible craftsmanship that goes into creating these beautiful objects. If you favorite classic car doesn't often appear on the auction block, an Exoto model is the next best thing.

Avid model collectors swear by the incredible accuracy, detail, and precision of Exoto models. These are models for collectors who demand nothing less than the best available die cast model cars available. Once you acquire your first Exoto model, nothing else can compare.

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