Highway 61 Collectibles

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Highway 61 collectibles are a collection of classic Detroit autos that will impress all lovers of great American cars. The a golden age of American cars was a time when Detroit coupes and sedans ruled the road with authority. No other line of die cast model cars brings the rumble of big and small-block V-8's to mind like Highway 61.

When I think of great cars, classic American cars come to mind. I love classic American cars for their great designs, powerful engines, and sheer highway presence. The whole country awaited the arrival of new cars with tremendous anticipation as manufacturers tried to top their challengers with every new car.

Highway 61 Collectibles Knows the Classics

If you have a short list of favorite American classic cars, it's probably echoed by the die cast models produced by Highway 61 collectibles. They make excellent scale replicas of some of my favorite classic Studebakers, Plymouths, Hudson Hornets, and many more hard-to-find classic cars.

If you remember the distinct design of the '59 Nash Metropolitan or love the powerful Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, look to Highway 61 collectibles for impressive scale replicas of the classics. You may not be able to find a Nash, Hudson, or Plymouth full-size car on the market right now, but you can appreciate them as scale models. Check out the whole line of Highway 61 collectibles at a good internet site devoted to die cast model cars.

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