Maisto Die Cast Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Maisto die cast cars are known as some of the highest quality models available. Maisto offers replicas in accurate 1:24, 1:18, 1:12, and 1:10 scales. They can offer all these scales due to their impressive range of technological capabilities. Maisto is one of the most experienced manufacturers of scale replica cars and the experience shows in their excellent, well-priced models.

Maisto die cast cars are highly detailed with authentic features from the cars upon which they are based. Other model cars strive to match the accuracy and detail of Maisto, but they usually don't offer the great combination of attractive prices and great quality you find in Maisto model cars.

The World of Maisto Die Cast Cars

Maisto has invested in technology that allows them to accurately produce scale replicas of cars at several different sizes. You will find a range of Maisto die cast cars that is mainly focused on contemporary production cars but also includes vintage muscle cars, classic European sports cars, SUVs, movie cars, and a few race cars.

Maisto cars are the perfect way to get into collecting quality die cast replicas. You will find Maisto die cast cars on model car websites and in many nationwide retail outlets. I recently found a couple of excellent Audi R8 Le Mans race car models online, in addition to the usual selection of detailed production car models.

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Mercury - 4 DR - 1954

Hi! I am trying to find and purchase the subject vehicle. I previously owned a green and white 1954, 4 door Mercury and I am looking for a die cast, 1/18 scale.

Leon Brown
907-344-5087 (HP)
907-250-7871 (CELL)