Model Cars

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Model cars are the favorite collectaibles of car enthusiasts everywhere. The reason for their popularity is simple: they look identical to the full-size cars people dream of owning or racing. The highest-quality and most accurate replica model cars are made of die cast metal at 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, and 1:43 scale to the original.

I began collecting model cars as a boy and didn't know much about die cast model cars when I started my collection. I saw a model of a car that I loved, the gullwing Mercedes 300 SL, and wanted to have my own miniature version of that unattainable automotive sculpture. Most people begin their adventures in collecting model cars in a similar way.

Racing fans often have a favorite NASCAR or Indy Car driver and build a collection related to their hero and his successes. Drivers pilot many different race cars, often in different series, over the course of their careers. Model cars are an essential part of most racing fans' collections.

Collecting Model Cars

I know some collectors who focus specifically on their favorite era of production cars, like the classic 1960's American musclecars. Ferrari's classic GT cars for the road and track are always some of the most sought-after model cars available. Some other collectors make a collection devoted only to NASCAR racers from one era or cars from the entire career of their favorite driver. If you're like me, you won't be able to resist any of it and will go for a mix of all your favorites.

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