Key West Fishing Trip

Written by Dallas Smith
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As you probably know, Key West, Florida, is one of the more vibrant and culturally dynamic coastal cities in the country. Tourists flock to the city year after year to experience the captivating city life and the elaborate history of the place, so in and of itself, Key West is an exciting vacation destination. On top of that intrinsic appeal, Key West also happens to be one of the top sport fishing destinations in the country, and if you are planning a Key West fishing trip, you can soon see why firsthand.

Research the city's fishing legacy, and you'll soon find a city bursting at the seams with quality fishing charters. Local anglers have long capitalized on the teeming, abundant waters off the coast, and many enterprising captains have created charters so that you, too, can get access to the extensive reserve of world-class game fish that populate the key's deep blue waters. These captains are ready to provide you with the perfect Key West fishing trip, so if you haven't experienced the city's fishing legacy before, maybe it's about that time.

A Key West Fishing Trip: Defined by Variety

When you plan a Key West fishing trip, the first thing you'll notice will probably be the variety of options available to you. When you charter a boat, you'll have options for morning or afternoon trips, full- or half-day trips, and a range of fishing options, such as offshore, deep-sea, light-tackle, reef and wreck fishing. Most importantly, you'll be able to tap into a quarry of fish that makes up a definitive list of the world's top game fish. Blue and white marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, dolphin, blackfin tuna, kingfish, shark, amberjack, grouper, permit, tarpon, snapper, yellowtail--do you need any more convincing?

With a bounty like that, you can see why a Key West fishing trip can be your ideal fishing trip. Great charters, experienced captains, flexible trips, and great fish--all this is available to you when you fish Key West, plus the added benefit of exploring the varied facets of the city itself.

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