Canada Hiking

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Canada hiking tours take people through pristine and untarnished trails, presenting walkers with views of North America's most immaculate landscapes. Outdoors activities are as essential to Canadian culture as fine wine is to French society. As a result, parklands and natural preserves abound throughout Canada, making for some of the world's best hiking.

The hiking opportunities are limitless in Canada. The premier walking vacation companies take pedestrians to sites that leave travelers marveling at the natural beauty. Snow capped mountains, green hillsides, and sunrises and sunsets over the Great Lakes make Canadian land some of the most gorgeous in North America.

Trips include tours through Newfoundland, the Canadian Rockies, and other spectacular locations. Moose, elk, and birds of myriad varieties live in plentitude, making Canada hiking ideal for wildlife and nature lovers. Waterfalls, rivers, ravines, and lakes decorate the picturesque Canadian landscape.

Canada Hiking is for the Driven

Not everyone can make it through Canada hiking trips. The hilly terrain makes for a challenging walk, but not one that is impossible. With some training and motivation, the Canadian landscape can be conquered. Getting through a week long tour may not be easy, but is most definitely rewarding!

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