Hawaii Hiking

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Hawaii hiking is a walk through paradise. The most sought after American vacation spot, Hawaii offers great weather year round and exotic sights at every turn. What better way to experience the islands than walking among palm trees, alongside crystal clear waters, and to the top of volcanic mountains?

A birds-eye view of the ocean is a breathtaking reward for hiking to the top of a Hawaiian cliff. The blue waters, the multi-colored coral, and the palm trees lining the coast make for a perfect photo opportunity. The image of this sight will be etched in memory forever.

With such high temperatures, Hawaii hiking should be done at a leisurely pace. This suits many travelers just fine. Hawaii is mainly a tourist attraction, so the residents are world-class hosts whose main job function is making visitors happy. Rest stops are extremely fun, featuring tropical cocktails and exotic Hawaiian cuisine like coconut shrimp. Visitors never want to leave!

Preparing for Hawaii Hiking

Because of the temperature, Hawaii hiking can be taxing on the body. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water, even when not thirsty. Thirst is a precurser to dehydration and is a sign you have already gone too long without water. Troximity to the equator makes the Hawaiian sun very potent. Nobody wants to spend a vacation nursing sun burnt skin. Apply sun block of at least 30 SPF before exposure to the sun. Sunglasses and visors are also recommended to protect the eyes.

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