Hiking Trips

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Vacationers who want to remain healthy while exploring new lands and cultures should consider hiking trips for their next getaways. Hikers enjoy fresh air, spectacular sights, and venture into foreign neighborhoods, learning about different lifestyles. Walking expeditions take place in nearly every region and country, through cities, parklands, villages, forests, deserts, and beaches.

The best hiking trips take people through gorgeous natural scenery. Final destinations are important to hikers, but most will agree that the journey is often more fun and rewarding than where it takes you. Traveling afoot together, people bond and quickly become friends.

Hiking Trips for People over Fifty

Hiking trips, even rigorous ones, are not reserved for the young, but rather the young at heart. People who love getting their blood flowing should not slow down simply because of age. In fact, many fifty-plus hikers conquer terrain too rigorous even for their children. Seniors advancing in age can set hiking goals, such as walking in every continent, or backpacking in every European country, or even trekking in each of the fifty states.

It is important, however, that hikers choose their walks wisely. Trips vary in degree of difficulty, and going on a trip that requires more endurance or uphill walking than someone is capable of can do more harm than good. Before booking a hiking vacation, people of all ages should find out the walking distances and slopes of the different trails.

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