Holiday Walking In Scotland

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Holiday walking in Scotland can be a tremendous experience for people who like exploring different cultures and appreciate beautiful natural scenery. From Scotland's hilltops, hikers can view the entire island and see the ocean. At night, after a day of walking and sightseeing, Scottish fare and whiskey nourish the body and soul before a sound night's sleep.

Because of Scotland's hilly terrain, not every trip is appropriate for each person. Different tours offer varying levels of hiking difficulty. Don't try to climb the highest mountain if you have no former experience. Instead, choose a less strenuous trail, and, if desired, work your way up to more difficult courses.

Some companies offer holiday walking in Scotland for people over fifty years old. Age-specific groups are usually more enjoyable, because the walking is done among peers who tend to have a lot in common. However, do not assume that a fifty-plus walking tour is going to be easy. Many senior-hikers can outlast their younger counterparts. Call the tour company and ask questions to decide if a specific tour is right for you.

Holiday Walking in Scotland for True Adventurers

Scotland weather is infamous for its unpredictability. Heavy breezes can make walking more challenging, which, for some, makes the walk feel more rewarding. There are no promises of dry weather in Scotland. When holiday walking in Scotland, carry a poncho and prepare to tough out imperfect conditions.

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