North Carolina Hiking Info

Written by Gregg Ruais
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If you want to see the beauty of America's southeastern region, North Carolina hiking info can point you in the right direction. This sight aims to help you gather the facts that can help you plan your next outstanding Carolina hiking vacation. We suggest walking in Asheville, because of the gorgeous fall foliage and pristine forestry.

Hiking through Asheville can be a challenging adventure. Before committing to any tours, check the itinerary and see if Asheville trails are a good match for your abilities. If you feel up to the task, or are motivated enough to train, hiking through Asheville can be a very rewarding experience.

Hikers are treated to waterfalls, streams, and an omniscient view from the apex of Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountain range. From this summit, in early autumn, the changing colors of the leaves make for a perfect photo opportunity. After a long day of walking, hikers relax and, if desired, listen to local bluegrass music, a trademark of the area. Wild turkeys abound in these woodlands.

Additional North Carolina Hiking Info

For additional North Carolina hiking info, contact a tour company that sets up camp in this area. Each tour is unique. North Carolina hiking info varies from company to company, depending on where and when their tours occur.

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