Scotland Walking In The Holidays

Written by Gregg Ruais
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History buffs will enjoy Scotland walking in the holidays. The Scottish terrain, architecture, and culture are all palpable history lessons. Much has changed in Scotland over the years, but some things have remained the same for centuries. People still live in thousand-year-old castles. Bagpipes are played today as they were in ancient times. Scottish men still wear kilts.

Scotland truly has a unique character. Its pubs charm visitors, as do the residents' hospitality. The people are friendly and easygoing. Conversely, the haunting melodies of bagpipes add an intangible depth to the society.

Scotland Walking in the Holidays and Sightseeing

Scotland walking in the holidays makes for excellent sightseeing opportunities. The top walking tours take hikers to sights such as Ft. William, from which the view of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Britain, is quite breathtaking. Wild moors, hilltop views of the sea, and the Eilean Donan Castle are all splendid sights.

To find out more about Scotland walking in the holidays, look for information online. Then conduct your own research and make phone calls to tour companies. Speaking with company representatives is the best way to get the most in depth and reliable information.

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