South American Travel Adventures

Written by Gregg Ruais
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South American travel adventures are ideal for people who want to visit exotic lands. North Americans usually travel to South America during the winter, when places like Alaska and Canada are unbearably cold. To join an expedition in these tropical lands, simply contact an outdoor adventures company. Based on your interests, they can match you with the ideal adventure.

For the best in South American travel adventures, take a group hiking tour through Costa Rica. Visitors in Costa Rica get to witness active volcanoes, exotic birds, dozens of species of monkeys, waterfalls and much more. Giant sea turtles abound off the Costa Rican coastline, wowing visitors who have only seen these dinosaur descendants in pictures. Tour guides take people to some of the largest coffee and banana plantations in the world.

South American Travel Adventures Are Fun!

Because of the heat, walking tours in South America tend to be only moderately difficult. While journeys through rain forests are fun, the real excitement begins when the walking is over. At night, hiking groups let their hair down for some serious feasting and partying.

South American travel adventures include hours of swimming in warm waters, shopping, and horseback riding. It is truly a taste of paradise, making the perfect getaway from the cold winter months in the United States.

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