Vacation Walking In Spain

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Vacation walking in Spain is a fun way to learn about western religion. Regional history and culture experts lead hiking adventures, which can be booked online through companies that specialize in walking tours. For the best weather, book a trip during May or September, when the temperature is high but not unbearably hot.

The trail from Leon to Santiago, also known as the Path of St. James, is a heaven for people fascinated by the history of Christianity. Old-world villages, thousand-year-old churches, and stained glass cathedrals highlight the walk. An art historian guides the way, illuminating meaning in the gorgeous sites.

Vacation Walking in Spain for Cultural Experience

People vacation walking in Spain will cross bridges built centuries ago and see ancient Celtic huts in which friendly villagers still reside. Some things in Spain have not changed since the sixth century. Hikers will see monks chanting in the Benedictine Monastery.

Food connoisseurs find the tastes of Spain delightful. Tours of people vacation walking in Spain stop at tapas bars. Residents treat visitors to delicious Spanish cuisine. Locals believe a traditional Spanish coffee drink called Queimada elevates the souls of tired travelers. Along the way, hikers sharing this rich cultural experience develop a sense of togetherness that often leads to lifelong friendships.

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