Walking In Italy

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Whether exploring the romantic Tuscany region or admiring the natural beauty of the Italian Alps, hikers walking in Italy find themselves immersed in beauty. The culture, the land, and the people make Italy one of Europe's most visited countries. Trekking on foot enables travelers to fully experience the wonders of this great country.

Traditionally, when people visit Italy, they see Florence, Rome, and Venice. These are all wonderful cities, featuring sites and activities found nowhere else in the world. World famous cathedrals and churches attract millions of visitors each year who want glimpses of the fine artwork within.

Natural Sites Walking in Italy

People often understate the beautiful countryside enjoyed by adventurers walking in Italy. The snowcapped Italian Alps provide magnificent backdrop scenery for hikers in the region. Quaint hillside villages overlook sparkling lakes and clear fresh water rivers. Area wildlife includes wild goats and wolves.

When walking in Italy along the coast, hikers are treated to the smells of vineyards, olive groves, and Italian cooking intermingling with the sea. The Mediterranean and its many shades of blue dazzle spectators. Cafes cooking the best Italian food imaginable provide walkers with the perfect respite after a day of exercise.

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