Walking In Scotland

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Travelers walking in Scotland feel a unique history under their footsteps. The Scottish landscape looks very much as it did hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Its magical aura, created by castles and the playing of bagpipes, makes for a special visitor experience.

Walking in Scotland, one is very likely to spot a golden eagle soaring above the plains, searching for its next prey. Imagine walking alongside a rushing brook, tall pines in the distance, and you look up and see a bird, flying overhead, with an eight-foot wingspan heading towards an ancient castle. The scenery in Scotland brings to mind storybooks about myths and legends.

Walking in Scotland is Fun

The best hiking expeditions in Scotland give people the chance to enter the Scottish lifestyle. During the journey, walkers relax and have fun at intermittent stops. What would a trip to Scotland be without exploring the tastes of Scottish whiskey? Who wouldn't want a tour of the oldest occupied castle in the land? When a group goes walking in Scotland, they should be able to do all this and more.

Edinburgh, Scotland's Royal Mile ranks as one of the most beautiful and famous streets in the entire world. The old-world architecture and souvenir shops make this road elegant and authentic. The Royal Mile is one of many fantastic and historical stops in Scotland.

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