Walking In Spain

Written by Gregg Ruais
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An expedition walking in Spain is a must for people who wish to see the world's greatest lands. Everyone knows about Madrid and Barcelona, but the heart and essence of Spain lies in between the cities of Leon and Santiago, the respective starting and ending points of St. James's historical journey.

Along this path, villagers greet pilgrims who are walking in Spain with utmost congeniality. Locals treat passersby to gourmet Spanish foods not found in American Tex-Mex restaurants. Travelers stay at Spanish hotels that serve as models for luxury and sophistication.

Sights to See Walking in Spain

Landmarks along the footsteps of St. James include the Cathedral of Leon, which features 2400 square feet of stained glass through which the sunlight pours, and many other man-made structures dating back to medieval times. Walkers see ancient huts and farms kept without modern machinery. It's almost as if visitors of this area have dove into a history book and landed a thousand years in the past. Local art historians guide people through cities, telling stories about the incredible architecture and artwork seen throughout.

Visiting Spain can be much more than a simple tourist experience. Don't stay in a resort that offers nothing more than comfort and a nice view. Walking in Spain from city to city can be much more rewarding.

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