Walking In Tuscany

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Walking in Tuscany brings travelers to the finer things in life, like great food and wine. In addition, hikers find volcanic lakes, abandoned cities, and gorgeous countryside. This region truly lives up to its romantic reputation.

Walking tours are the best way to enjoy every bit of Tuscany's refinement. The towns and cities in this region exemplify the Italian passion for eating. The authentic cuisine sure to be found in the next town over provides a person with all the needed motivation to keep trekking along, and there is no better time to enjoy wonderful food than after a day walking in Tuscany. The region's breads, fresh pressed oil, and pasta dishes are absolutely to die for.

Famous Sites Encountered Walking in Tuscany

The food and drinks alone are reason enough to visit Tuscany, but in addition to the tastes of Italy, the sights to be seen are monumental and awe-inspiring. Hiking tours of the region take pedestrians to breathtaking views of the Orcia River Valley, religious landmarks, and the city of Rome.

The old-world architecture of Renaissance towns and monasteries are great for picture taking. There are so many famous sights, such as the Roman coliseum, that people walking in Tuscany should bring several rolls of film. Although a Tuscany expedition cannot last forever, the memories of it will.

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