Washington Dc Walking

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Washington DC walking offers something special for people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and interests. Hiking activities include the zoo, tours of the White House, and museums for any and all intellectual curiosities. The capital of the most diverse country in the world is a microcosm of the nation it represents.

Visitors from around the globe can learn a great deal about the United States in just a day or two strolling through the pristine national parks in Washington DC. The Jefferson Memorial, along with other monuments, pay homage to American leaders that have helped shape our country's present. Museums tell the entire history of the United States and display historical documents, such as the original restored draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Washington DC Walking and Exploration

Although it is the American capital, DC is an international city. Washington DC walking is a great way to see history's greatest artistic masterpieces. In addition, the Museum of Natural History is heaven for geology and biology enthusiasts. The museum brings to life records of past volcanoes, earthquakes, and life forms, making it a great experience for the average person as well as the accomplished scientist.

Washington DC walking can be a tribute to the people who have given their lives in combat to preserve the American way of life. Walking along the Wall of Tears is a somber yet moving experience. Visitors pay their respects to fallen soldiers and gain a greater reverence for the sacrifices made to maintain our free society.

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