Camouflage Clothing

Written by Amy Hall
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Camouflage clothing is just as important as hunting scents, decoys, and calls when it comes to successfully bringing in a wild animal. Quite obviously, a wild animal is not going to come rushing in if they can spot you. Wild animals almost have this internal sensory system in place which protects them from dangerous situations, which includes falling victim to hunters and other natural predators.

Anyone who has ever hunted can tell you that there is nothing worse than being out in the wilderness, cold and damp from the elements. Therefore, your camo clothing needs to not only be able to hide you from your prey but keep you warm and dry. One without the other is simply no good. Because if you are wet and cold, it won't matter to you that you can't be detected by the animals you are hunting; you will just be thinking of getting warm somehow.

Multi-Functional Camouflage Clothing

Okay, so if you are going to spend the money on camouflage clothing, it makes sense to purchase garments that are waterproof, and provide an adequate level of insulation for your climate. For instance, a thin waterproof windbreaker might keep the water off your skin, but if it's 32 degrees outside, it sure as heck won't keep your body warm. It is essential to not only consider buying a jacket and bibs or pants, but also some type of hat to keep your head and ears warm, as well as gloves and boots.

Remember, the only real way to get closer to animals is to blend in with your landscape. Animals can sense humans in more ways than one, so you must take proactive steps to ensure that you are disguised well, but also that you can't be heard or smelled.

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