Deer Decoys

Written by Amy Hall
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Deer decoys are incredibly life-like, and they most certainly lure in real deer to the area, giving you a better shot at a closer range. Deer, like most wild animals, are not very trusting, so it can take a bit of work to get them to come to you. They have a keen sense of smell, and they can hear even the faintest rustle in the grass. As a result, it can be quite challenging to successfully bring in a deer at the end of a long day.

In order to increase your odds getting a good shot, you might want to think about setting up deer decoys that are so real-looking they can fool deer and humans alike! These decoys, when combined with hunting scents are the best trick of the trade, luring in more deer than you would otherwise see. Take deer hunting to new extremes by strategically placing decoys in areas of the wilderness that are frequented by deer.

Smart Deer Decoys

When choosing deer decoys, you want to make sure that they are easily transportable, easily set up, and easily disassembled. Many times, you are working in the dark when you go hunting, as you start out before sun-up, and finish at sun-down. Therefore, you don't want to have to mess with complicated instructions, and difficult equipment in the dark.

Choose decoys that have removable antlers, as you can change the sex of the deer instantly from buck to doe. Additional features include ears which can be set in "relaxed," "alert," or "aggressive" positions, as well as a tail which can be positioned. Head and body positions should convey an aware, yet relaxed look.

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