Deer Feeders

Written by Amy Hall
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Deer feeders can help you to attract trophy bucks into the area. These feeders are filled with corn pellets or other types of grain that deer find appealing. The bins are filled and locked to keep vermin out, and a timer is set to release the food at the intervals you choose.

The most popular times of the day that deer feed include sunrise, and one hour before nightfall. If you set the feeders at these times, you will consistently attract deer to your target range. By doing so, you will increase your chances of successfully shooting a buck, as they wander into the target zone willingly in search of food.

Deer Feeders for Optimal Nutrition

Deer feeders contain the complete nutrition that deer need to grow and thrive in the wild. Different grain pellets that are rich in protein are the ideal addition to the natural forage that deer eat. The feeders are set on timers, and can spray out the pellets to cover a wide range, as wide as five feet across and 30 feet long.

Deer feeders range in price, according to size, style, and materials used. If you are interested in deer hunting, you could really benefit from using a good feeder that will attract deer into your target range. Feeders can be purchased from retailers that sell hunting supplies, hunting gear and accessories. You can also surf the Net to find some online retailers that sell deer hunting supplies.

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