Deer Hunting

Written by Amy Hall
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Deer hunting has been a long standing tradition in America, as it exemplifies all that hunting represents. Perhaps when you picture deer hunters, you visualize men in camouflage clothing, with rifles slung over their shoulders, carrying deer decoys or even tree stands. Usually, you will see these hunters on the outskirts of the woods, at very early dawn, preparing themselves for a day in the wilderness.

Ask anyone who has ever gone deer hunting why they hunt, and they will tell you that the thrill of it compares to nothing else. In fact, hunting is a game that requires a lot of skill, incredible patience, and definitely some luck. One without the others does not usually yield a successful day of hunting.

The Skill and Thrill of Deer Hunting

Hunting, whether it be for fowl, deer, or bear, can be one of the biggest challenges to one's patience and ability to wait it out calmly. In order to lure in your target, in this case, deer, you have to put a strategic plan into place that will bring them into your target area. There are several things you can do to make this happen, such as using deer scents, deer decoys, as well as deer feeders.

Of course, deer are skeptical by nature, so you may just have to wait it out for several hours before you see or hear any signs of an approaching deer. When that moment happens, you have to be so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, and then ever so slowly, you can take aim at your target. Successful deer hunting depends upon your ability to mix your skills with your ability to sit tight and wait quietly for that unsuspecting buck or doe to wander by.

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