Duck Decoys

Written by Amy Hall
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Duck decoys are one of the greatest tricks of the hunting trade, as they lure in wild ducks better than any other hunting tool. It is possible to use all female decoys to draw in the bigger male ducks, or you can opt to put a male and female together to draw in both sexes. The point is to strategically place your decoys in places that ducks are normally found, while using other duck hunting accessories to draw in these birds to close range.

When you purchase duck decoys, you should make sure that they look as true-to-life as possible, because ducks are not stupid and can tell a bad imitation. Look for paint that is realistic-looking, as well as features such as rotating heads and a snap-in-out keel for use on water, land or ice. To take the game a step further, add duck calls to your hunt, and you will really be able to lure in these wild birds.

Fool 'Em with Duck Decoys

Your greatest chance of success is if you mix luck with your skill. Hunting is never purely skill, nor is it purely luck. Any seasoned hunter will tell you that it usually is a combination of both factors that yield a successful hunt. Therefore, don't get discouraged if you go home empty-handed at the end of the day, because it could have nothing to do with your hunting skills and everything to do with a shortage of luck.

However, you can maximize your chances of successfully hunting wild ducks when you use duck decoys that truly look like the real thing. When you combine decoys with the use of duck calls, and camouflage clothing, you can really increase your odds of coming home with a fresh kill at the end of the day. Whatever the results are at the day's end, remember there is always another day to get out there and try your luck and your skill at the game of hunting.

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