Duck Hunting

Written by Amy Hall
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Duck hunting is another favorite challenge for hunters who want to test out their skill and luck. To really become adept at hunting duck, you need to understand as much as you can about the way they socialize, how and where they feed, and so on. The most successful hunters learn all they can about the animals they are hunting, by studying their habits and reading up on their "personalities," so to speak.

Whether you are deer hunting or duck hunting, it helps to know what influences the animals you are hunting. Then, you should try to figure out how they react to these influences. When you can determine what their reactions are going to be to certain stimuli, you can step in and become a much more successful duck hunter.

Duck Hunting 101

The mallard duck is the most common duck found throughout North America, as its range runs from Northern Canada and Alaska all the way to Mexico, from coast to coast. It is also one of the most favorite and prized of all birds hunted. The mallard duck has a great ability to adjust to practically any type of wetland habitat, and typically migrates south in the fall and north in the spring to breed.

Remember, successful duck hunting depends upon your ability to know the characteristics of the ducks you are hunting. You can give yourself a leg up by using duck calls that mimic the sounds of real ducks, as well as wearing camouflage clothing that disguises you or hiding behind hunting blinds.

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