Duck Hunting Boats

Written by Amy Hall
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Duck hunting boats have many advantages over hunting without them. First, they allow hunters to venture into deeper waters for hard-to-reach ducks. They are also great if you are duck hunting without dogs, and will need a way to retrieve downed ducks.

In addition to allowing for greater mobility, duck hunting boats allow you to carry more gear with you, such as duck decoys, guns, and netting. Military surplus netting is often used to hide the boats, which is one of the disadvantages to using this type of hunting mechanism. Furthermore, duck hunting boats can also be doubled up and used as blinds, when fence wire is covered with vegetation.

Duck Hunting Boats Offer Greater Mobility

There are many wetland areas that are just not accessible to hunters by foot. Duck boats take care of this problem by allowing hunters access to deep water. When camouflage is added, these boats are the perfect hideout for hunters who have to patiently wait for ducks to enter the target zone.

The name of the game with any type of waterfowl hunting is patience. And there is nothing worse than having to wait in less than ideal conditions, with soggy boots and wet pants. Duck boats offer an alternative way to hunt that not only gives you greater access to wild ducks, but keeps you warm and dry while you wait it out.

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