Evolved Habitats

Written by Amy Hall
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Evolved Habitats is a company that develops products that consistently deliver wildlife to designated mineral sites, which the hunter strategically chooses. By patterning deer and other wildlife to a consistent source of beneficial supplements, the hunter is more apt to be successful. Evolved Habitats is sold at hardware stores, select pet shops, and at stores that sell hunting supplies, hunting gear and accessories.

There are many different formulations that you can purchase, and it really all depends on what type of game you are hunting. The formula "Deer Cain" is an original habit-forming beneficial mineral attractant that drives deer mad! Deer have an undying desire to find and consume minerals, so this formula most certainly will lure them in to the targeted area. The highly active minerals form a reaction with the moisture in the air which releases vapors that attract deer to the mineral site.

Evolved Habitats for Wildlife

There are formulas that attract more than just deer to the area. You can buy supplements that will bring in wild hogs, bears, elk, and moose. Pig Out is a wild pig bait that was developed to attract and keep wild hogs in the area for trappers and hunters. This gooey concoction will work on other wild animals too though, such as bear, deer, and other critters in nature.

Bait Station Bear Bait concentrates the attracting power of a pile of jelly donuts into a bottle containing 32 ounces of gel-like attractant. Keep in mind that this attractant should be used with extreme caution, as it truly does bring in the bears. You can pair these supplemental products with hunting scents to really lure in the wildlife you are after for a successful hunt.

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