Feather Flex

Written by Amy Hall
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Feather Flex decoys are the ultimate soft decoy brand. All animals, including turkeys, ducks, deer, and waterfowl find decoys by Feather Flex too tempting to resist. When these decoys are used in conjunction with luring hunting scents and game calls, you can almost be guaranteed a sure shot. Let's take a look at some of the most popular Feather Flex decoys available.

The Whitetail Deer is the perfect decoy for deer hunting during any season. But it is especially effective when it is used during the rut season when both bucks and does are in search of each other. These decoys can easily be changed from a doe to a buck simply by adding the flexible antlers which are included with this decoy. The entire decoy weighs less than one pound, and rolls up for easy storage and transport.

Realistic Feather Flex Decoys

Feather Flex also makes some great turkey decoys that work wonders out in the field. The New A.J. Aggressive Jake is a life-like design that is the actual size of a young jake. These juvenile males are found with flocks of hens around them and provide an immediate challenge to older-breeding long beards. It is just too much of a challenge for these older, dominant gobblers.

The TruLife Tommy is another young jake in full-strut position which represents the ultimate insult to a dominant gobbler. This decoy aggravates that one stubborn long-beard that refuses to come to the hens, but is unable to resist this challenge by the younger male. With his territory threatened, he can not help but come to that young jake and accept his challenge.

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