Game Scouting Cameras

Written by Amy Hall
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Game scouting cameras allow you to capture the essence of outdoor wildlife with ease. These cameras are camouflaged so as not to draw suspicion from passing animals, and they are easily mounted on a tree for further non-detection. There are many different models to choose from, so even beginner hunters can get some great shots of the wildlife they encounter.

Scouting cameras are all manufactured to be water-proof, as they must be since they are used in the outdoors. Each model has its own unique sensor system, such as an invisible trip wire to a motion detector, which allows you to capture the animal at just the right moment. In order for these cameras to do their job well, they must also be able to operate with total silence, so as not to scare the animal away.

Game Scouting Cameras that Capture It All

As you move up in quality, game scouting cameras offer more features and will cost more money. For instance, for around three hundred dollars, you can get a pretty good camera that makes game scouting a breeze. Some features on an intermediate camera include a remote wireless sensor, waterproof materials, camouflage design, and high quality 35mm camera with auto advance. You can also expect to have the date and the time stamped on each picture, and a 24 hour flash ready protocol.

As you go up in price, you will get additional features, such as high, medium, and low sensitivity settings for a finer image, as well as a double throw tripping mechanism and a tough ABS camouflage waterproof housing. Most stores that sell rifles, scopes, hunting scents, hearing protection and clothing should sell scouting cameras.

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