Goose Decoys

Written by Amy Hall
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You can increase your odds of successfully hunting a goose (or maybe even two), by using realistic-looking goose decoys that can fool even the most suspicious of geese. Basically, these decoys are designed to lure in geese from the area, whether they be in flight or on the ground. The point is to get the live geese to take notice of the decoys, and fly in to join their pals. When this happens, you have a better chance at taking aim and successfully shooting a goose.

Goose decoys can be set up in a variety of positions, to resemble real geese out in nature. You can set them up as sentry, feeding, or resting positions. In addition, adjustable head and neck assemblies make it possible for the heads of the decoys to move, further simulating the natural movements of real live geese.

Goose Decoys for Easier Hunting

In addition to the realistic positioning of these goose decoys, they are also painted with true-to-life colors that mimic the feathers in real geese. Feather detailing can really add that finishing touch which makes the decoys seem ultra real to these wild birds. Lifelike body styles that are created with weather-proof material are chip-resistant and can withstand the elements.

To further increase your chances of success, you can add goose calls to your game, which really attract wild geese. Goose calls and decoys can be ordered online through retailers that sell hunting supplies, hunting gear and accessories, as well as through traditional retail stores that sell hunting apparel.

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