Goose Hunting

Written by Amy Hall
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Goose hunting is another popular outdoor sport that is taken quite seriously by participants who have a love of nature and a deep respect for the wildlife that they are hunting. The most popular and well-known of all geese in North America is the Canadian Goose. It is found in every state in the continental United States, as well as every Canadian province and Alaska.

There are 11 subspecies of the Canada goose, with the largest being the giant Canada goose. Its wingspan can reach up to six feet, and its weight tips the scales at 24 pounds! The geese that reside in the continental United States most of the year are referred to as "resident" Canada geese, as they do not migrate in the fall and spring. All geese graze, and prefer grasses that are tender, as opposed to tougher roots.

Goose Hunting Tips

Understanding the species you are hunting makes it easier to successfully hunt them. When you are familiar with their feeding habits, migration patterns, and temperament, you can better plan your mode of attack. The Canada goose is a very sociable bird, and it forms tight family units like no other bird species does. As a result, these geese are very cautious and wary of hunters and other predators, which means you have to do some thinking before heading out for a day of goose hunting.

Some testing has shown that stuffer goose decoys are among the most effective at luring in geese to target range. In addition, you can use goose calls that mimic the sound of real, live geese. Remember, whether you come home at the end of a day with a bird or not, the whole point of goose hunting lies in the thrill of being outdoors, surrounded by nature at its finest.

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